Our Pricing

  • $325: up to 3 months
  • $450: 3 months-1 yrs
  • $500: 1-4 yrs old
  • $550: 4-10 yrs
  • $750: 10+ yrs
  • $1000: 10+ yrs (if any stitching is needed)

Frequently Asked Questions

Circumcision is a procedure that involves surgical removal of the foreskin surrounding the Glans i.e. head of the penis, exposing it.

There could be hygienic, religious, cultural or medical reasons to get circumcision done. 


There are many health benefits of it and circumcised males have 10 times fewer chances to contract a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) or any Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).


Other reasons to get circumcision done could be scarring around the head of foreskin (phimosis), hardening of the foreskin (Balanitis obliterans / Lichen sclerosis), abnormal growth on the foreskin, repeated UTI and other skin diseases and infections affecting foreskin.

Circumcision can be performed on males of all age groups but it is recommended to get your boy’s circumcision done before he turns 1 year old. 

The boys circumcised after age 7 have a high risk of premature ejaculation.

Circumcision can be performed using different methods. The most common method used in Brisbane is the Plastibell device method. 

In this method, the foreskin is removed using a plastic ring. This surgery is performed after giving anaesthesia to the patient. After the surgical process is done, the wounded part will be stitched. 

Circumcision is a one-day procedure and the patient will be discharged on the same day.

The swelling of the penis will disappear after a week and after six weeks it will reach its final appearance. 

After the procedure, the patient should abstain from sex for at least four weeks. You can usually drive after 24 hours.

The procedure (anaesthetization and operation) will usually be done within 1 hour but the patient will be admitted for a day in the hospital for recovery.

You should contact the doctor if your child has symptoms like excessive swelling, high temperature i.e above 37.5°C, discharge of pus, bleeding, vomiting (more than 4 times).

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