Baby Circumcision

Our Pricing

  • $325: up to 3 months
  • $450: 3 months-1 yrs
  • $500: 1-4 yrs old
  • $550: 4-10 yrs
  • $750: 10+ yrs
  • $1000: 10+ yrs (if any stitching is needed)

Circumcision is a surgical procedure in which the foreskin i.e the flap of skin covering the tip of the penis is removed to expose Glans i.e the head of the penis.

It is a common procedure worldwide and mostly parents undertake a circumcision surgery for their boys for religious, cultural or hygienic reasons. Sometimes boys are circumcised for medical reasons. Give us a call at 0451 727 060 or leave us a message and one of our specialists will be able to assist.

When To Get Your Baby Circumcised?

Circumcision can be performed on males of all age groups but our experienced doctors recommend to get your boy’s circumcision done relatively early in the life of your son i.e before he turns 1 year old.

There is a high risk of premature ejaculation in boys who are circumcised after age 7.

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Dr Circumcision

Circumcision - A Decision To Protection

Circumcision is the decision which will improve your child’s health and will provide protection to your son from various urinary tract infections, inflammatory dermatoses, phimosis and sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, HPV, chancroid and syphilis.

Premier Sil Circumcision - The Clinic You Can Trust On

Doctors of Premier Sil Circumcision Clinic have many years of experience in circumcision.

Our trained medical team is committed to providing safe and painless surgery to your baby boy.

We endeavour to provide high-standard and reliable care in a timely fashion to all our patients so that they can have a good experience.

Our doctors treat patients with a lot of care, respect and sobriety to ensure that parents and their son have a safe and comfortable environment to have the surgical procedure.

Procedure of Baby Circumcision

To reduce pain during the surgical procedure, our doctors will give parents a numbing (anaesthetic) cream two hours before the operation to apply it near the area of the penis.

Then our doctors inject anaesthetics which makes your child sleep during the surgical procedure. The effect of anaesthetics will usually last for 10 – 15 hours.

The operation will usually take about 1 hour and the rest of the time he’ll rest in a recovery room.

A plastic device is used during the operation, which will detach with the redundant foreskin within one to two weeks.

Circumcision is a one-day procedure and your son will be discharged the same day.

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Care After Baby Circumcision

There is no special care required after the discharge of your child from the hospital, but you should provide some pain relievers to him like Paracetamol and Nurofen to reduce the pain for a few days.

Our nurse or anaesthetist will advise you on the dosage. Do not use Aspirin because it may promote bleeding.

Painstop can also be used for older children if advised by the anaesthetist.

  • After circumcision, your boy can be bathed and diapered as usual. But, try to keep your son home for two to three days.
  • If your child is not experiencing any discomfort then he can go to school within a week. Older boys require more time to recover from the surgery.
  • Your boy can swim after ten days of the operation.

We provide care after surgery and you can also contact us anytime if any concerns.

Our doctors and staff will be happy to support you post circumcision by answering your queries and providing you with information regarding the care after the surgery.