About Premier Sil Circumcision Clinic

Is a trustworthy circumcision hospital in Brisbane and has impressed hundreds of our patients by providing high-quality services. We have a group of experienced circumcision surgeons who can treat both baby boys and adult men.

We are recognised as the best circumcision hospital among other hospitals in Brisbane by all our patients and clinicians.

Our doctors are specialized in treating their patients by serving pain free circumcision procedures for babies, boys, and adult men of all ages.

We are committed to providing painless circumcision procedure and strive to provide top-class circumcision for all ages.

We treat all our patients with a lot of care, respect and sobriety.

Our priority is our patient’s safety thus we only use sterilised surgical instruments.

We provide all our patients with a safe and comfortable environment to have their surgical procedure.

Premier Sil Clinic offers complete care before and after the operative procedure.

We will be happy to answer our patient’s questions and provide them with information regarding the surgery and post-operative care.